Understanding the Psychology of Prosthetic Wearers: Challenges and Triumphs

disabled woman with leg prosthesis standing on the bridge in the morning.

A Breakdown of the Functional and Mental Health Benefits of Prosthetic Devices An amputee’s journey is far more than simply adapting to a physical change and wearing a prosthetic. Amputees endure complex emotional and psychological challenges during healing and as they transition to a new way of life. Those who have suffered loss of limb […]

What to Expect After Amputation Surgery

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An Overview of the Main Stages of Amputation Recovery Undergoing an amputation surgery is a monumental change in a person’s life. In addition to going through the amputation recovery process, patients must also make a lifestyle change as they adapt to using advanced prosthetics. Make no mistake, it is a physically and emotionally taxing process. […]

When Do I Need to Have My Prosthetic Re-Fitted or Replaced?

an orthopedist fixing a prosthetic leg for an athlete.bionic leg

Determining When the Original Prosthesis Fitting Requires a Change Nobody thinks about how to repair something when it’s working perfectly. That holds true for cars, major appliances, and, yes, even prosthetic limbs. If you’re the current user of a prosthesis, such as a prosthetic leg, then you’re probably not thinking about the fit if you’re […]

Will Insurance Cover My Prosthetic Device?

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Important Information About How Insurance Works with Advanced Prosthetics As soon as a person realizes they will need a prosthetic device, this is usually followed by two questions: “How much will it cost?” “Will my insurance cover it?” To address the first query, the cost of a prosthesis is dependent on the type of components […]

How to Choose Who Will Make Your Below-the-Knee Prosthetic

Low angle view at disabled young man with prosthetic leg walking along the street

What to Consider When Weighing Your Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics Options A prosthetist is a medical professional who provides prosthetic solutions and limbs, such as below-the-knee prosthetic legs. Unlike other medical devices, prosthetics are one of the few that require a customized fit, ongoing follow-ups as the amputation site changes, and specialized training to learn […]

How Often Will My Prosthetic Device Need to Be Replaced?

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Breaking Down the Lifespan of a Prosthetic and Where to Find Prosthetics Near You in Overland Park Prosthetics and orthotics are a significant investment from both a financial and utilitarian standpoint. According to Howmuchisit.org, patients without insurance should expect to pay between $6,000 to $100,000 for a prosthetic leg. Patients with insurance, of course, should […]

Foot Orthotics Defined: What Are They?

Doctor consulting patient on custom orthotic insoles in a clinic for a personalised custom fit.

Information from a Kansas City Orthotics Clinic You Can Trust According to recent data shared by HealthInAging.org, approximately 87% of people will experience pain in their feet at some point in their lives. The source of foot pain ranges from wearing shoes that are too small to genetic conditions that put unnatural stress on the […]

Foot and Ankle Conditions that Require Custom Orthotics in Kansas City

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Where to Find the Best-Fitting Orthotics and Prosthetics Near You Custom orthotics are medical-grade shoe inserts that are specifically designed to match the exact contours of the patient’s feet. They decrease patient rehabilitation time, increase stability, and help prevent further injury. Either a podiatrist or an orthotics specialist can perform the necessary tests needed to […]

What Is the Learning Curve for Using a Prosthetic Device?

woman stretching her prosthetic legs on a run

How to Get Comfortable Using a Prosthetic Leg Going through an amputation is a life-changing event that not only affects a person physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. As one of the leading clinics in Kansas City that specializes in advanced prosthetics and orthotics, we take the time to address the questions and concerns […]