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How to Travel by Air in the US with a Prosthesis

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Traveling through high-security airports in the US with a prosthesis is a challenge. Not only do you still have the long lines to wait in and the usual stress of traveling, you also have additional difficulties and awkwardness that come from having a prosthesis.

Most airports have a special line for those with disabilities. These lines are usually fully staffed with both male and female assistants to get you through the screening process as efficiently as possible. Although, be aware; this line can also be a nightmare if combined with the family with kids line.

What to Expect at the Screening

  1. You will be asked to remove all contents from your pockets, belts, and jewelry.
  1. Next, they will have you walk through the metal detector, even though you’ll set it off anyway.
  1. At best, they will only pat you down and possibly swab your socket, leg, and shoe for traces of explosives.
  1. At worst, they will do the above procedure and then take you to a private room to X-Ray your leg, which will take about 20 minutes if everything is ready.
  1. After the screening process is over, you are free to proceed to your plane.

Airport Screening Advice

  1. You have the right to keep your shoes on during this process.
  1. Wear something that reveals your prosthesis so the staff know how to proceed.
  1. You should never be required to remove your prosthesis.
  1. The security process could take from 10 – 45 minutes, so expect the worst, and give yourself plenty of time to catch your plane.
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