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New Limb, New Life

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Amputees are some of the most resilient individuals and are endowed with strength to face their difficulties as they deal with the loss of their limbs and prosthetics. Many of these patients make the difficult choice to amputate because of an accident, illness, or a medical condition. Adjusting to a new life with a new limb is a challenge. It requires the strength to persevere, but it is possible to live a fulfilling life.

Psychological Impact

When an individual is unable to prepare for the amputation of a limb, they struggle to adjust to their prosthetics in comparison to those who were able to prepare for the medical procedure. Therefore, working toward getting a prosthetic replacement sooner rather than later helps the patient adjust more quickly to their new situation and produces acceptance of their future. Immediate fitting of a prosthetics and rehabilitation engenders in the patient more hope for the future and a positive outlook of living with a prosthetic. There will inevitably be feelings of denial and anger, but planning for a prosthetic will help alleviate these feeling of loss, anger, and despondency.

Emotional Support

When patients go through rehabilitation and mobility adjustment in a supportive environment, they adjust to their prosthetics better and faster. Working with a team of medical caretakers ensures that the patient will receive all that they need to return to a normal life.

Patients also adjust better to prosthetics when they feel supported by friends and family. Being in the company of loved ones helps patients accept this life-changing event and helps them feel more accepting of their new prosthetic limbs. If you are a caregiver or family member of someone who is undergoing rehabilitation, try to remain positive and sympathetic as you help the amputee adapt to their new life and routine.

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