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Orthotic Treatment for the Osteoarthritic Knee

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Some studies have shown that orthoses devices have small, yet significant, beneficial effects for those with osteoarthritic knees. The study subjects found that using a knee brace increased the distance they were able to walk and, they also noticed that wearing certain types of orthoses, such as insoles to correct the alignment of the foot, decreased pain and increased function.

If other treatments have not worked for you, or you cannot seek other treatments for various reasons, try using these orthoses devices to stabilize your knees and joints. If you think this would be a helpful treatment for you, work with your health care providers to find the perfect fit for your needs. Follow their instructions precisely to protect your other joints, avoid skin chafing and discomfort, and to get the best results.

You can buy off-the-shelf braces, inserts, and other orthoses from stores or you can have a custom device designed specifically for you. Talk to your doctor to see which option would be right for you.

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