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Why Support Groups Work

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When you or someone you know is facing amputation or limb loss, support groups are a comforting resource that provide invaluable connections with those who have struggled with the same hardship. Support groups offer you or those you love with useful information, support, and encouragement while you face this difficult time of life.

Getting advice and encouragement from someone who has successfully gone through a similar ordeal is a great turning point in the recovery process. Amputee survivors can answer any of your concerns and comfort you when life feels too hard to bear. The Amputee Coalition of America has trained over 1,000 volunteers who have gone through or know someone who has gone through amputation and rehabilitation. You and your family members can contact any of these volunteers in person, by phone, or via email to receive help and support.

There are over 300 registered support groups throughout the country in the Amputee Coalition. Visit their support group page to find the group nearest you.

Connect with others on the Amputee Coalition of America’s Facebook page to instantly meet people who have the experience and ability to empathize with you and offer reassurance and support.

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