Custom Orthotics in Kansas City

Get Stability and Support From Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates

Custom orthotics increase your stability, decrease your rehabilitation time, and prevent further injuries. Let us help you overcome your challenges, regain function, and get back to the life you’re accustomed to.

Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates is a team of experts that has been helping the greater Kansas City area stay active for more than a decade with custom orthotic and prosthetic services.

Take Charge of Your Life With Custom Orthotics Made Just for You


Get back on track with custom-fit foot orthoses that are comfortable and designed for any activity level. Custom foot orthotics relieve pain and allow you to stay active. Ask us about our custom orthotics for diabetics.

Ankle & Foot

Let us create stable support to improve how you walk, help keep you mobile, and decrease the risk of falls. Our custom orthotics provide correct joint alignment to your foot and ankle to protect your feet and keep you comfortable and properly aligned.


Our hip orthoses can help alleviate pain, and help your bones, ligaments, and surrounding muscles heal. We’ll collaborate with your orthopedic surgeon to ensure a proper fit that suits your needs.


Even the smallest injury can limit your mobility and cause pain. We offer a variety of knee orthoses to support, align, or immobilize your knee. From meniscus damage to a torn ACL, our board-certified practitioner will provide the best brace for your activity level and diagnosis.

Knee Ankle Foot

Our custom ankle foot orthoses provide support and correct joint alignment of your knee, foot, and ankle. Talk to our practitioner about options available to treat your neuromuscular disorder or injury.

Positional Supports

We offer positional supports and fracture immobilization orthotics to stabilize your joints after surgery. Maintain proper alignment, control your range of motion, and prevent further injury with our custom orthotics.

Upper Limb

Improve and restore function of your hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders with our custom orthotics. We can provide pain relief and protection, while also giving your upper limbs the support they need to function.


Support and stabilize from your neck to your lower back with our custom orthotics in Kansas City. We have off-the-shelf and custom orthotics that realign, immobilize, and support weak areas of your spine. Our spinal ortheses are always made with the highest-quality materials.

Find the Best Orthotics Near You at Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates

As a leader in custom orthotics in Kansas City, we have the experience and skills to recommend state-of-the-art solutions for orthotics that are functional and affordable.

From custom-made shoe inserts to ankle-foot orthoses, Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates are here to improve your quality of life and keep you moving!

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