Advanced Prosthetics in Kansas City

Let Us Empower You With Patient-Centered Care and Customized Solutions

As clinical leaders in advanced prosthetics, Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates proudly serves the entire Kansas City metropolitan area and surrounding communities. We value each and every one of our patients, and are passionate about enhancing their lives no matter their age or functionality

Not only will you regain mobility and independence with our custom-fit prosthetics, you’ll gain an integral part of your rehabilitation team. We will work with your physician and physical/occupational therapists, as well as your family, to provide you with a successful outcome and a more active lifestyle.

Providing Overland Park and the Greater Kansas City Area With Affordable Orthotics and Prosthetics Services

Above the Knee

We offer custom-made prosthetic limbs for above-the-knee amputation that meet your individual needs and energy requirements. This includes a custom socket specific to your limb.

Below the Knee

Get back to an active lifestyle with our custom-made prosthetic limbs for the below-the-knee amputee. We will choose the right components for your prosthetic and help you manage any changes that come after surgery.

Arm & Hand

We offer several options of passive and active advanced prosthetics for various methods of control to help you pursue your hobbies, get back to work, and regain control of your arm or hand.

Hip Disarticulation

Let us help you recreate the motion of your hip for enhanced mobility and a more comfortable life. We’ll collaborate with your physical therapy team, so you can walk and return to a more active lifestyle.

Prosthetics for Athletes

Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates specialize in advanced prosthetics for athletes. Talk to our board-certified practitioners about how you can return to a more active lifestyle.

Prosthetics for Kids

Growing children are a challenge in the world of prosthetics. We provide advanced prosthetics for our youngest patients with all levels of limb loss.


We custom fabricate sockets for your prosthetic to give you extra control and balance to fit your lifestyle and activity levels. Ask our team about other prosthetics accessories that can improve your life.

Cosmetic Restoration

Get your self-confidence back with passive prosthetic devices for cosmetic restoration that are customized to fit comfortably and look incredible.

Custom-Made Prosthetics Near You That Come With Lasting, Comprehensive Care

Did you know that more than two million Americans live with limb loss? At Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates, we won’t let you feel overwhelmed by the prosthetic process.

From your pre-operative prosthetic consultation to your recovery through our post-operative management programs, we’re here for your entire journey.

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