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With the Ertl Procedure, Amputation Should Not Be Considered Failure

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Amputation should not be viewed as just an amputation. It should be thought of as a procedure that provides patients with a functional residual limb that fits well with a prosthesis and is meant to improve the quality of the patient’s life. With the Ertl Procedure, an amputee will fit well in their prosthetic socket and experience greater comfort.

The Ertl Procedure

The Ertl Procedure builds a bone bridge between the tibia and the fibula. This bridge allows an amputee to bear weight on their residual limb and experience no pain when the residual limb settles into the socket. An amputee who has not gone through this procedure will experience greater pain and discomfort when this happens as their activity levels increase throughout the day. Save yourself from additional pain—get the Ertl Procedure done to increase your comfort and the quality of your life.

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