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8 Common Misconceptions About Custom Prosthetics

Learn More as We Separate Fact from Fiction About Advanced Prosthetics and What They Do

Custom prosthetics quite literally get people back on their feet, offering individuals with limb loss the opportunity to regain function, mobility, and improve their quality of life. Despite their significance and growing technological advancements, there remain many misconceptions surrounding custom prosthetics, especially with those who are learning about them for the first time.

To clarify some of the most common misunderstandings, we’re debunking some myths and misunderstandings about these essential medical devices. After covering those, we’ll provide information about where to find custom prosthetics near you and how to arrange a consultation with a licensed prosthetist.

Custom Prosthetics Are Merely Cosmetic

Custom prosthetics are primarily functional devices. The fact that they double as cosmetic solutions is an added benefit that holds value to many wearers, especially to those who are conscious of their appearance or social situations. At Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates, we create custom prosthetic solutions people are proud to wear. We can even mimic the look and feel of human skin using a special cover that goes directly over the prosthetic.

Custom Prosthetics Are Uncomfortable and Painful to Wear

While it’s true that the adjustment period for a new prosthetic can be uncomfortable for some, modern prosthetics are designed and custom-fitted to ensure maximum comfort.

Dan Cotton, lead prosthetist and owner of our practice, works closely with patients to make precise adjustments for a snug, secure, and comfortable fit. Discomfort often decreases significantly as the wearer gets accustomed to their prosthetic.

Custom Prosthetics Are Only Good for Helping You Walk

Modern prosthetics are designed to facilitate numerous activities, including swimming, running, and even climbing. Many are water and temperature-resistant and durable enough for rigorous exercise. Prosthetic technology fully supports an active lifestyle.

Prosthetics Haven’t Changed Much Over Time

The field of prosthetics has seen significant technological advances in recent years. From 3D printing to smart limbs equipped with sensors that adapt to terrain and activity, modern prosthetics are a far cry from the rudimentary designs of the past. Learn more about innovations in custom prosthetics.

Learning to Use a Prosthetic Is Quick and Easy

Although we wish this were true, the process of learning to use a prosthetic limb effectively can be challenging and requires time, patience, and practice.

It often involves physical therapy and rehabilitation to gain proficiency, but with dedication, users can reach a high level of functionality.

All Prosthetics Are Expensive

Prosthetic devices are available in a range of price points, ensuring that anyone who has suffered limb loss can find a solution that works for them. While some advanced models are costly, there are also several affordable options, and many insurance plans provide coverage for these necessary devices. Your prosthetist at Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates will work with you to find the prosthetic that is within your budget and promotes mobility and function.

Prosthetics Require Frequent Replacement

Indeed, prosthetics endure natural wear and tear as they are used, but these devices are built to last several years before replacement becomes an issue. While some components may need regular servicing or adjustments by your prosthetist, the entire prosthetic doesn’t need to be replaced frequently, especially if it’s well-maintained and used as intended.

A Prosthetic Will Fully Replace a Lost Limb

Although prosthetics are advanced, they still don’t fully replicate the sensation and complete range of motion of a biological limb. Prosthetic engineers are making strides in this area through the use of sensors that link to nerves in the residual limb and mimic sensations like pressure, pain, and temperature; however, this technology is far from perfected and requires further development.

Where to Find Prosthetics Near You in Johnson County, Kansas

Custom prosthetics are life-changing devices that blend the art of design with the science of biomechanics. Understanding what they can and cannot do is crucial for both individuals considering a prosthetic and the broader public. With ongoing research and development, the capabilities of these remarkable devices continue to grow, offering individuals with limb loss greater possibilities than ever before.

For those who are ready to take the first step toward reclaiming their mobility and quality of life with a custom prosthetic solution, setting up a consultation with us is an excellent way to kick off the journey. During this initial consultation, we will get to know you, ask some questions about your medical history and mobility goals, and discuss prosthetic solutions that address your needs and fall within your budget.

Book your consultation with Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic Associates today by calling (913) 338-2672 or by sending us an email using the contact form on our website. To help speed things along for our patients, we can typically offer same-day or next-day appointments.

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