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Foot and Ankle Conditions that Require Custom Orthotics in Kansas City

Where to Find the Best-Fitting Orthotics and Prosthetics Near You

Custom orthotics are medical-grade shoe inserts that are specifically designed to match the exact contours of the patient’s feet. They decrease patient rehabilitation time, increase stability, and help prevent further injury.

Either a podiatrist or an orthotics specialist can perform the necessary tests needed to create custom orthotics, including the team at Cotton Orthotic & Prosthetic Associates. As the leading provider of custom orthotics in Kansas City for more than a decade, we have in-depth experience working with patients with a wide variety of foot and/or ankle conditions – including the ones that commonly require custom orthotics.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one quarter of the U.S. population has some variety of arthritis. It can affect any joint in the musculoskeletal system, causing the area to feel stiff and painful. Because there is no cure for arthritis, many treatment options focus on mitigating the symptoms. For cases of arthritis that affect the feet, custom orthotics have proven to be incredibly beneficial.

Flat Feet
According to recent statistics, approximately eight percent of Americans are born with flat feet, meaning their feet have little to no natural arch. Although some people may not experience any negative symptoms, the majority of people with flat feet eventually will feel pain in the foot and ankle regions. In severe cases, people with flat feet will feel pain throughout their legs and their lower back, too. Custom orthotics provide necessary support.

Nearly one-third of the American population suffers with bunions, making it one of the most common foot problems that can be relieved with custom orthotics. In fact, well-fitted orthotics can reduce pain in toe joints and slow a bunion’s progression, although ill-fitting ones can cause your bunion pain to flare.

Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia tissue located at the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed. Plantar fasciitis is a sharp, stabbing pain that most people feel in their heel. It’s usually at its worst during a person’s first steps in the morning and can occur in nearly any population, including those with active lifestyles.

Diabetic Neuropathy
Diabetic neuropathy affects approximately half of people who have diabetes. The condition occurs when high blood sugar causes nerve damage in the legs and feet, making it incredibly uncomfortable to walk.

Bursitis is a condition in which small sacs of fluid develop in the joints, which results in pain. Although the condition is most commonly known to develop in the hips, elbows, and shoulders, bursitis may also occur in the knees or ankles, making it difficult to walk. With the proper amount of rest, bursitis will go away on its own. However, those who have chronic bursitis or recurring flare-ups may benefit from custom orthotics.

What Are My Options for Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics can be broken down into two main categories – functional and accommodative. Functional orthotics are designed with the intention to mitigate the patient’s abnormal walking motion and decrease the level of pain and discomfort. They are commonly made from rigid materials such as plastic or graphite. On the other hand, accommodative orthotics prioritize comfort, which means the materials used are softer and provide more cushion.

Of course, the decision of which type of orthotic device to use is primarily driven by the patient’s condition. The best way to find out which custom orthotic solution is right for you is by making an appointment with the team at Cotton Orthotic & Prosthetic Associates.

Getting Medical-Grade Custom Orthotics in Kansas City

If you are suffering from a foot or ankle condition that is causing you pain, then you may be a candidate for custom orthotics. Keep in mind, custom orthotics are not the same thing as the shoe inserts that you find at your local drug store. The difference is that custom orthotics are specifically made to fit the exact contours and shape of your foot. Custom orthotics are far more effective in relieving pain and discomfort while correcting abnormal walking motion (if applicable).

As the leading resource of medical-grade orthotics and prosthetics near you, our practice prides itself on creating customized solutions that help our patients regain their mobility and quality of life. The best way to get started is by reaching out to the team for a consultation at Cotton Orthotic & Prosthetic Associates. Once we gather some background information and examine your feet and gait, we’ll tell you more about your custom orthotic options.

Contact us using the contact form on our website or call (913) 338-2672 to speak with our scheduling department.

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